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    Health and Medicine:Based on medicine and health products, we are extending from traditional trade to medical research and development and industry. Our subsidiaries, Guangdong Medicine and Health Products Import and Export Co., Ltd and Guangdong Serigene Group Co., Ltd, utilize their existing planting and breeding bases and connect quality material bases to conduct the comprehensive secondary development of health products in the supply chain of sericulture. They have formed a whole supply chain featuring “Research and development+Production+International trade+Terminal sales network+Logistics” by funding or cooperating with other companies, advancing the development of health and medicine industry.

    Core Members:
  • Guangdong Medicine and Health Products Import and Export Co., Ltd+




  • Guangdong Serigene Group Co., Ltd+

    Founded in September and being a wholly owned subsidiary group of Guangdong Silk and Textile Group Co., Ltd, Guangdong Serigene Group Co., Ltd is a conglomerate whose business covers agriculture, industry and trade. We own 22 subsidiaries spread in more than 10 counties. In 2010, we were evaluated as a demonstration platform for SMEs in the field of public service in Guangdong Province.

    Our main business is producing silk. Driven by technological innovation, we are now developing a big health industry with health care tourism as the focus. Our products include silkworm eggs, cocoons, raw silk, home textiles, healthy foods and compound fertilizer, among which the capacity of F1 Hybrid Eggs of Silkworm is 1.2 million pieces, the breeder eggs 60 thousand pieces. The parent egg of silkworm, the breeder egg and the F1 Hybrid Egg of Silkworm enjoy a market share of 100%, 80% and 70% respectively in Guangdong Province and also appear in more than 10 countries and regions in Southeast Asia. Specialized services we provide for governments, enterprises and farmers include the breeding of fine silkworm eggs, the protection of parent eggs, the informatization of sericulture, the inspection and testing of silk-related products, the training and promotion of technologies in silk industry as well as the research, development, cooperation and exchanges of technologies.

    We have 2 researchers, 30 senior agronomists 3 professor in silk invited from South China Agricultural University, which makes our technical force strong. We have been awarded as “Advanced Unit” by Guangdong Silk Group Co., Ltd for years. It has also won provincial and ministry level awards for many times, which are demonstrated as follows:

    2008 “Agricultural Leading Enterprise ” by the Guangdong Provincial Government

    2011  the first prize in the promotion of agricultural technologies in Guangdong for the project “the promotion and application of the technology on the factory-like breeding of silkworms”

    2013  the third prize by Ministry of Agriculture for the project “application and promotion of the technology on the safe and effective breed in Guangdong”

    2014  the second prize by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Agriculture for its promotion of the technology on testing and preventing pest and disease damages in sericulture

     After ten years of development, we now are one of the two biggest silkworm egg suppliers and the biggest enterprise producing silkworm eggs in Guangdong. We play the leading role in the development of the industrialization of sericulture and becomes an iconic enterprise in sericulture in Guangdong, making great contribution to the stable development of Guangdong’s sericulture.  

  • 广东省文教体育用品进出口公司+



    公司知名品牌“英佳”(“ENJOY”)和“威利”(“VITORY”)近来获得“中国机电产品进出口商会出口推荐品牌” 、“中国轻工工艺品进出口商会出口推荐品牌”和“广东省外经贸厅重点培育和发展的出口名牌”等多项殊荣,贸易额不断稳步上升。新生品牌“水灵(Sailing)”获得“2010年度户外家居行业十大新锐品牌”称号,“水灵”动漫产品正积极拓展国内外市场。公司获得中国对外经济贸易企业协会及进出口商会“AAA”级信用等级评价,以及广东省工商行政管理局颁发的“守合同重信用”企业,并通过了ISO9001:2008质量管理体系认证。



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