E-commerce-Guangdong Silk-tex (Group) Co., Ltd

Leveraging the national action plan of “Internet+”, Silk-Tex Group has primarily built its e-commerce platform, comprehensive service platform for trade and e-commerce strategic system based on ERP. The domestic-trade-based “Silk-Text Mall” and the foreign-trade-based “Silk-Tex Fair” have been on line. Comprehensive service platforms, “emaotong.com” initiated by Textiles Co., Ltd, “gdsmtx.com” by SILIQUE Group, “GSSG” by Recreation and Sports Co., Ltd, have been built and are in trial operation. The platform promotes the transformation from joint operation to comprehensive service for trade.

  • Silk-Tex Mall

  • Silk-Tex Fair

  • Emaotong.com

  • 水灵

  • 丝贸天下