Business Lines-Guangdong Silk-tex (Group) Co., Ltd
  • Silk,Textiles and Garments


  • Health and Medicine

    Based on medicine and health products, we are extending from traditional trade to medical research and development and industry. Our subsidiaries, Guangdong Medicine and Health Products Import and Export Co., Ltd and Guangdong Serigene Group Co., Ltd, utilize their existing planting and breeding bases and connect quality material bases to conduct the comprehensive secondary development of health products in the supply chain of sericulture. They have formed a whole supply chain featuring “Research and development+Production+International trade+Terminal sales network+Logistics” by funding or cooperating with other companies, advancing the development of health and medicine industry.

  • Cultural Creative Park

    Taking silk culture as its main form and carrier and cultural creative as its concept Silk Cultural Creative Park of China is specialized in design and production, research and innovation, exhibition, tourism and leisure, experiential shopping and science popularization education. Silk Cultural Creative Park of China (“Silk Park of China” ) model has been duplicated in several cities including Shenzhen, Chengdu, Haikou. Silk Park of China has become a model window to carry forward silk culture and accelerate the transformation of China from a “Big Silk Nation” to a “Silk Power”.

  • Other Businesses